Organic Mosquito Control

Although conventional mosquito control provides the longest lasting results with complete mosquito extermination for up to 3 weeks, the organic mosquito control treatment option offered through Mosquito Tek is effective for up to 2 weeks and is completely all natural and environmentally safe. This is the preferred mosquito service that customers choose when they are concerned about the effect that the mosquito spray might have on plant life, wildlife, bee populations, or sensitive business concerns related to children in daycares, the elderly in nursing homes, diners in restaurants, or anywhere that all natural ingredients are the preferred choice for mosquito control.

Customers that choose Organic Mosquito Control enjoy these benefits:
  • 100% Safe Mosquito Control using All Natural Ingredients – Guaranteed
  • Service Plan Guarantee: If you find 1 mosquito between treatments, Mosquito Tek will come out immediately and spray for free
  • Money Back Guarantee: Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!
  • Personalized Services designed for you that is fast and friendly
  • 10% less than the franchises; GUARANTEED with No Commitments and No Contracts.
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    Helpful Organic Mosquito Control Tips

    Here are some natural mosquito control methods that will help lower the mosquito population in your yard, however these methods are not as effective as the commercial grade organic products offered through Mosquito Tek.:
    • Clean your roof gutters.
    • Put away containers that may collect water. These may include buckets, flower pots and toys.
    • Cover your garbage containers.
    • Turn your boats, canoes and wheelbarrows over when you store them.
    • Fill in hollow stumps or holes that may collect water with concrete or sand.
    • Keep your shrubs neat and trimmed and your grass cut.
    • Clear your yard of old tires.

    Consumer’s Reports shows that many natural products (like citronella buckets for example) are not as effective at keeping mosquitoes at bay. Using an oscillating pedestal fan may be more effective, because on high it will cut mosquito landings by 45 to 65 percent. If you want completely effective organic mosquito control that is all natural and top-notch, contact Mosquito Tek where they use Organic Compliant Products which provide the most comprehensive natural mosquito control, all while implementing the best mosquito management practices in the industry.

    Gutter Cleaning: A Natural Mosquito Control Project
    Gutter Cleaning: A Natural Mosquito Control Project

    Organic Spray for Special Events

    Whether you are planning a concert, wedding or a special backyard dinner, you can choose to use Mosquito Tek for one-time organic spray for your event.

    Schedule a visit before your event and Mosquito Tek will make sure your event is free of mosquitoes. Mosquito Tek knows how important your special events are, and will communicate with you as well as any rental companies or venues you are working with. The area around your event will be treated 48-72 hours before your function begins, guaranteeing you a mosquito free event.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What does “organic compliant” mean?

    The NOP (National Organics Program) has set up standards and regulations that mean that the product is safe for use in and around food crops. It also maintains organic compliance on properties where it is required.

    Does the organic compliant product work as well as the conventional product?

    Yes. The organic compliant insecticide product offers the same protection. It is label designated to actively kill mosquitoes for up to 14 days. It does break down more quickly than the conventional product, which means the treatment needs to be applied on a biweekly basis. The conventional mosquito insecticide product is designed to last 21 days with the same active kill protection. It offers a better residual barrier and needs to be reapplied every 21 days.

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