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Why Choose Mosquito Tek?

At Mosquito Tek, we are a full-service pest control business in addition to killing mosquitoes. In fact, we have been offering extermination services long before the arrival of the competition. There are a variety of different types of pests, and we understand them all.  We have been providing services since 2011, and focus on providing you value, transparency, and high quality customer service, all while protecting your property, pets and family from unwanted pests. We are proud to call the Virginia Beach area home.

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Process – How it Works

We understand the micro climates of the Virginia Beach area. As a local independent operator, we can adjust our treatment to your situation. We understand that there is no single solution that will fit all customers. We use four steps to make sure you get the mosquito treatment you need.

mosquito exterminator
We’ll cover a typical 1/3 acre yard in about 20 minutes. This will give you 3 weeks of Mosquito Free Outdoor Living!

As a Part of Our Service, We Do Four Key Things Each Time:

  1. Identify the target pest (usually mosquitoes ) and assess the environment.
  2. Find and address any breeding sites.
  3. Apply larvicide to breeding sites that cannot be eliminated without the treatment (i.e. emptying any standing water).
  4. Treat areas adult mosquito harborage areas such as the bushes, tress, ground cover and the lower canopies and turf. Areas such as wood lines, undergrowth and dense areas of native vegetation are also sprayed. The treatment varies based on the landscape and environment of your property.
Special Event Mosquito Exterminators
We’ll protect you from Mosquitoes during your special event, GUARANTEED.

One-Time & Special Event Treatments

Whether you are planning for a wedding, a special event or just planning for weekend guests, we can provide a one-time mosquito treatment service for you. This treatment will clear up mosquitoes and other pests for between 2-3 weeks at a time.

Stinging insects, flies and mosquitoes can quickly ruin an outdoor event and send people running indoors. Insects can even detract from the main event or ceremony. Keep the focus on the event and allow your guests to relax and enjoy themselves by scheduling a mosquito control treatment by one of our experienced technicians.

Contact us when you are planning an event. We will send out a uniformed applicator between 48-72 hours before your event. We will work around the venue schedule and when any tent installations. Our treatment of designated areas will guarantee that your guests can enjoy the party without worrying about mosquitoes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a single treatment last?

Our organic treatments last for two weeks. We will schedule the treatments biweekly. The conventional treatments last about 21 days. We will come out and treat every 21 days or sooner if you see a mosquito.

How can you guarantee mosquito free living?

Our guarantee is the best in the business.  We will re-spray at no charge, if you are unhappy with how the treatment worked. If we cannot fix the issue or you want to stop service, we offer a full refund on the money you paid.

Will I be able to eat meals outside without being bothered by Mosquitoes? YES! We guarantee a mosquito free backyard! Also, check out our Organic Mosquito Control
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  • Mosquito Control Prevention Tips

    Don’t leave any standing water around!

    Watching out for standing water is easy, and getting rid of it makes it impossible for mosquitoes to breed in your yard.

    Clear brush and rotting yard debris

    A neat and tidy yard will help to get rid of mosquitoes. Clear your yard of rotting debris and extra brush. Not only will your cut back on mosquitoes but it will look nicer too.

    Use Plants for Protection

    There are specific plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. Marigolds, lavender and geraniums will keep mosquitoes away and are a great choice to include near your patio or other gathering areas in your yard.

    While these steps can help prevent mosquitoes, they will not completely eliminate them. The only way to do that is by scheduling a mosquito control treatment for your home. Contact Mosquito Tek today.

    Baby in a Bucket of Water
    Standing Water is prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes in Virginia Beach, especially since the area is surrounded by water and there is high humidity in the Summer.

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