How do the treatments work?

The treatments work by first exterminating mosquitoes on site first, and then the spray leaves a residue on the vegetation and other foliage that leaves a residue that provides complete protections for 3 weeks.

What is covered by the treatment process?

Each service treatment includes four key steps. First, we survey the environment and identify the pests (generally mosquitoes). Second, we find and address potential breeding sites. Third, we treat breeding sites with larvicide that cannot be taken care of without treatment (removing standing water). Fourth, we mist the bushes, ground cover, trees and lower canopy branches, as well as the turf proving a thorough treatment of all adult mosquitoes. We also treat the undergrowth, dense areas of native vegetation and the wood lines. The treatments vary based on the property’s landscape and environment.

Is an onsite consultation necessary?

You do not need a prior consultation, but you can schedule one at the same time as the first scheduled treatment.

How do you address standing water?

We eliminate the standing water (by emptying the pot or vessel) or treat it with B.T.I Briquets or Altosid Pro-G. All of services include a system of integrated pest management strategies.

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    How long does each treatment take?

    Most treatments take about 30 minutes to apply. Larger yards or properties can take up to an hour or more.

    Do I need to be home for the treatment?

    No. As long as domestic pets are kept indoors and we have access to any fenced areas on the property, you do not need to be home. We will email you notification 24-48 hours before the scheduled appointment (unless you request otherwise). The technician will leave a courtesy card with the date and time that the services were completed, after each appointment.

    How often will my property need treatment?

    The conventional products require a treatment every 21 days. If you choose to use the Organic Compliant Products, treatment is applied on a bi-weekly basis. Please click here to review our service options or contact us for a free consultation.

    What products do you use? What is in the products you use?

    The products we use are based on the preferences of our client and the needs of each individual property depending on the environment, exposure, target pest and current existing conditions. We offer a highly effective and long lasting conventional mosquito spray. We also offer an effective and environmentally safe organic mosquito spray.

    What does “organic compliant” mean?

    When a product is Organic Compliant, it adheres to the regulations and rules set forth by the National Organics Program (NOP) that it is safe for use in and around food crops and that it maintains organic compliance properties where that is required.

    Is the organic compliant product as effective as the conventional product?

    Yes. The organic compliant product is designed to actively kill adult mosquitoes and is a labeled pesticide. The residue it leaves lasts up to 14 days of protection. However, it breaks down more quickly than the conventional product, so you will need to have bi-weekly treatments. The conventional product has the same active-kill protection, but the residual barrier is better and if effective for up to 21 days.

    What is the “hybrid program” that you offer?

    In the hybrid program, we use both conventional and organic compliant products. The conventional spray is applied in areas that are less used or wooded areas or are non-contact. The organic compliant spray is applied to areas that more sensitive where people and pets go frequently.

    Is there treatment available for my edible garden?

    The organic compliant product is labeled safe for use in those areas, if necessary.

    Are the treatments safe for my ornamentals, plants, trees and landscaping?

    Yes. Both the conventional and organic products are safe for the plants in your yard and landscaping. We do not spray flowering perennials and annuals or open blooms because they attract beneficial insects and pollinators and get good light.

    Are both products safe for me, my kids, pets, chickens, ponds, wildlife, etc?

    Yes. Both the conventional and organic products and other services are safe for people, pets and other wildlife. We REQUIRE you adhere to the following dry times before resuming normal outdoor activities. For the conventional spray wait 45 minutes to 1 hours. The organic compliant spray requires you to wait 15-30 minutes. The dry times may vary.

    Will my neighbors, their property or their pets be affected by the spray?

    No. Since our product solutions are water based, they will not drift with proper application.

    Are there any smells from the products? When will it go away?

    The conventional product is odor free. The organic compliant product has a sweet minty scent that lasts about one day.

    Does the treatment help eliminate other pests (for example whiteflies, ticks, ants, fleas)?

    Mosquito Tek is licensed to provide many different types of pest control both in and around your property. Free consultations are available if you contact us.

    What if rains the day of my schedule treatment?

    Your appointment will be rescheduled if it rains, and the office will notify you of the new appointment information.

    What if I am not satisfied with the effectiveness of the treatment?

    Mosquito Tek offers  a comprehensive guarantee. If you not satisfied with the effectiveness of the treatment or the level of service, we will respray at no additional charge. If we cannot fix the situation or you choose to cancel service, we will fully refund any monies owed. The Mosquito Tek Service Agreement does not require a contract or commitment.

    Do you offer the same guarantee for all of the mosquito control programs?

    Yes. Mosquito Free GUARANTEED.

    Do you service day cares, commercial accounts, common areas and pool areas?

    Yes. The organic compliant means that we safely service childcare/daycare facilities, public recreational areas and restaurants/outdoor dining areas. Please contact Mosquito Tek for a consultation and further information.

    How much do your services cost?

    Services start at $45-$49 per treatment application (in some instances, neighborhood pricing may be even lower). Please contact Mosquito Tek for a consultation and further information

    What are my payment options?

    We accept credit card payments over the phone, check by mail or in person and cash. An online payment option is available through the Intuit Payment link on your invoice.

    Mosquito Control Questions

    Can mosquitoes really breed in a capful of water?

    Mosquitoes are capable of breeding in an extremely small amount of water. The eggs may wait to hatch until there is enough water to support the larvae. Emptying any standing water on your property can help prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

    Is there a way to stop mosquito bites from itching?

    Ice can help to reduce the irritation from mosquitoes. You can also use topical creams like calamine lotion. Another option is to take an antihistamine like Benadryl. Applying rubbing alcohol or aloe vera can also help to relieve the itchiness.

    When do mosquitoes bite the most?

    Mosquitoes are the most active around dusk and dawn. If you tend to spend a lot of time outside at that time, you should be sure to apply bug spray, especially if you are exercising. Mosquitoes are attracted to people who have been exercising or exerting themselves.

    How fast can mosquitoes fly?

    Mosquitoes can fly up to one and half miles an hour. This is may not seem very fast, but if you consider their small size this is a significant distance. They will fly up to three miles in search of a meal. They can detect a meal up to 160 feet away.

    Where do mosquitoes like to hide?

    Mosquitoes like to rest in trees or bushes. They prefer damp areas, and so long grass and shady spots are more likely to have mosquitoes on them. They can quickly be blown away in a strong wind, and they tend to stay close to bushes or trees on windy days.

    Do some people attract mosquitoes more than others?

    Mosquitoes are attracted to people with a higher metabolic rate. They are also more attracted to people who have just been exercising, that are wearing dark colors or who have just had a beer. Mosquitoes do like some people better than others, and if you are pregnant or overweight mosquitoes may seek you out.

    Can I catch the Zika virus from a mosquito?

    The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes. Currently the outbreaks of the Zika virus are predominantly in Central and South America. The Zika virus is also a sexually transmitted disease. It is mild for most people, but can cause severe birth defects if a pregnant woman contracts it.

    Is the West Nile virus common in the Virginia Beach area?

    There have been known outbreaks of the West Nile virus in the Virginia Beach area. The outbreaks tend to cycle. They will die out over the winter and may or may not come back the following year. The last know issues was in 2015 and the city responded with an increase in the mosquito control.

    Can I prevent mosquitoes from being in my yard?

    The best way to prevent mosquitoes in your yard is to have a mosquito treatment done. Emptying standing water and addressing any drainage issues can reduce mosquitoes, as can keeping up with your yard work and keeping your lawn trimmed and clear of debris.

    Can mosquitoes spread diseases like malaria in the United States?

    The last malaria outbreak in the United States was in the 1950s. This is due to the effective mosquito control programs throughout the United States. However, people who travel outside of the United States contract and bring it home with them.

    Flea Control Questions

    How can I tell if my pets have fleas?

    Your pets will be itching a lot more if they have fleas. They will generally be more miserable. If they begin to develop anemia from the flea bites they may be lethargic. They may also develop sores on their skin or bare patches from scratching so much.

    Will fleas spread throughout my house?

    Fleas will spread throughout your home, if they come home on your pets. The flea eggs will drop off of your pet and the larvae will live in your carpet as they develop into adults. It is possible for your entire home to quickly become infested with fleas.

    Where do my pets get fleas?

    Your pets can pick up fleas from a number of places. They may get them at the local dog park, the vet or the groomer. They can also get them from going outside in your yard or in the woods. Fleas can also be picked up from another home.

    How can I prevent my pets from getting fleas in my yard?

    The best way to prevent your pets from getting fleas in your yard is to have it treated for fleas. This will stop fleas from living in your yard. You can also treat your pets with a preventative treatment that will stop them getting fleas wherever they are.

    Can fleas cause serious medical issues in people?

    Fleas have been known to spread serious illnesses between people. The bubonic plague was spread through fleas. They can still spread the plague as well as typhus, tularemia and tungiansis. People can also become infected with the tapeworms that fleas carry.

    Can fleas fly?

    Fleas do not have wings and do not fly. They move from victim to victim by jumping. They can jump up to 7 inches high, and just over a foot away from their original locations. Fleas are considered the second-best jumper in the animal kingdom.

    Do fleas live on people?

    Fleas do not live on people, but they will live on your pets. You do not need to worry about treating your family members if you find fleas in your home, but you will need to treat your pets, and your home to clear up a flea infestation and to stop it from returning in a few weeks.

    What problems can fleas cause in pets?

    Fleas can cause hot spots to develop that can become infected from the pet itching too much. They can also spread cat scratch fever, as well as tapeworms. Some pets may develop anemia if they have a large number of fleas on them.

    How can I stop fleas from spreading?

    The best way to stop fleas from spreading is to treat your pets and then your home. You will need to vacuum carefully both your carpet and furniture. You will also need to wash your bedding carefully. Giving your pets a flea preventative can also help stop the spread of fleas.

    How many types of fleas are in the United States?

    There are more than 200 different species of fleas reported in the United States. There are over 2000 species around the world. The cat flea is one of the most common and will live on both cats and dogs. The dog flea is also a common flea in the United States.

    Tick Control Questions

    Why are ticks dangerous?

    Ticks are known to carry several serious and debilitating diseases. Often people will not realize that they have been bitten by a tick until they are already ill. If not treated early enough the conditions can become chronic and even fatal.

    What is Lyme disease?

    Lyme disease is an illness spread primarily by the blacklegged tick. The illness will start with a fever, headache and muscle pains. A few days later, a bull’s eye rash may appear. When treated early most people fully recover, but if you are not treated quickly, it can turn into a chronic condition.

    Do ticks really cause a meat allergy?

    The Lone Start tick has been known to cause a meat allergy in some people. This usually develops a few months after the initial bite. It comes on slowly and can make the person throw up. Overtime the allergy may spread from beef to include an allergy to poultry as well.

    How do I protect myself from ticks?

    The best way to protect yourself from ticks is to wear DEET when you are going into tick prone areas. Also wearing long pants and sleeves can help prevent ticks. Be sure to tuck your pants into your socks and your shirt into your pants.

    Do ticks fly or jump?

    Ticks move primarily by crawling. They are not jumpers. They do not fly. They will wait until you brush pass them and crawl onto you. Ticks will crawl to the top of grass or bushes and then wait patiently for their next victim. They do not move very fast.

    Is it common to get a tick while you are in your yard?

    Ticks tend to be in wooded areas or areas with long grass. They can easily be I your yard. They may come in on a wild animal that wanders through or they may breed in your yard. You can spray for ticks in your yard and stop them from becoming an issue.

    Can ticks cause your pets to get sick?

    Ticks can also cause animals to get sick. In fact, dogs can also get most of the diseases that people get including Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia. They will experience the same symptoms such as fever and muscle aches. You should take your pet to the vet if you think they may have it.

    How many types of ticks are in the United States?

    There are over 90 species of ticks in the United States. There are about 900 in the world. However not all of the ticks will spread diseases that affect humans. In Virginia, the American dog tick, the Gulf Coast tick, the blacklegged tick and the Lone Start tick are the most common ticks to spread diseases.

    What are seed ticks?

    Seed ticks are the ticks that are in the first stage before molting for the first time. They are a lot smaller than the adult ticks and can be hard to spot. They can also spread several of the diseases and since they are so small people do not realize they have attached. They are the most common in the spring.

    Do ticks need blood to reproduce?

    Ticks need a blood meal at each stage of life to molt. The female tick also needs to a blood meal before it lays its eggs. If ticks do not find a blood meal they cannot move onto the next stage of development. Ticks can live up to three years.

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