Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Winter brings a variety of challenges and issues to any household. The colder weather can be hard on your home, your car and your family. There are steps that you can take to prepare yourself for the winter weather.

Prepare Your Garden and Yard

Clearing out the underbrush and raking up leaves is just one part of getting ready for winter. There are plants that are best planted in the fall, and if you plan on having tulips or other plants from bulbs, you should plant them now. You can lay mulch or straw bedding on your flower beds to protect them for winter. You should also take the time to trim your trees as needed. These steps can protect the hard work you did all summer long and make it easier to maintain your garden in the spring.

Get Your Car Ready for Winter

The cold winter nights can be hard on your car. Be sure to check your battery to make sure it can hold a good charge. If it is older, it might be a good idea to replace it. Check the antifreeze levels in your car. Be sure to top them up and to monitor closely throughout the winter. Check your tires. If you live in an area with a lot of bad weather, you may want to switch to snow tires or consider getting chains for your tires. As a precaution prepare a winter survival box for your car. This should include a way to keep warm, food and water that you can drink if you are stranded for some reason. In the south, there are snowstorms that shut down entire communities and people may be stuck in their cars or forced to hike home to safety. The winter survival kit can help with that.

Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Look for ways that you can reduce your energy bills over the winter. Finding drafty windows and addressing them by applying a thin plastic sheet with heat so that it shrinks to provide a barrier. You can also wrap your pipes and water heater to help conserve energy. Adding extra insulation to your roof is another way you can reduce your power bill.

It is also important to check for any areas that animals may be able to sneak in to find shelter in the window. Look for holes around your foundation and check your attic to make sure there is not a way for rodents or other wildlife to get in. If you find evidence contact a professional to help you deal with the infestation.  The experts at EcoTek can help you trap any wildlife, clean up and install barriers so they cannot get in again.