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Mosquito Free, Guaranteed!

If you see even one mosquito on your property during your service agreement, Mosquito Tek will come back the same day or next day to respray at no additional charge! They want you to be thrilled with your service, which why they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Mosquito Control

Effective mosquito Control doesn’t just exterminate adult mosquitoes that are seen flying throughout the property, but requires a comprehensive approach that also eliminates mosquito larvae in areas where they are most likely to breed. There also needs to be consideration for what type of mosquito insecticide will be most appropriate for the level of mosquito infestation that is the focus of the elimination, or if there are ecosystems that need to be given special attention by only using all natural ingredients. The mosquito extermination experts at Mosquito Tek understand that different situations require individual solutions that will provide the best outcome where not only are all the adult mosquitoes get eliminated with the least amount of impact on the environment and safety for people, plants, and wildlife, but also the elimination of mosquito eggs and breeding areas are addressed. Homeowners and companies throughout Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Portsmouth know that when it comes to mosquito control that is done the right way, Mosquito Tek is the company that can deliver the results consistently.

Organic Mosquito Control

Many people that live in the Virginia Beach area around Norfolk are very concerned about how chemical based mosquito insecticides might affect the environment, or whether they are safe to use around their family, pets, gardens, local wildlife, and even the important bee populations that help with pollination. Although the conventional mosquito sprays are extremely safe under all these circumstances, there is however an all-natural solution that Mosquito Tek has available for when performing organic mosquito control treatments. The organic mosquito extermination treatments are done using Essentria which is NOP compliant, has nothing but all-natural ingredients, and is effective for up to two weeks. It is not only perfectly safe to use around organic vegetable gardens, but it only eliminates mosquitoes, has no effect on bees and can even be used in commercial situations such as restaurant outdoor dining areas.

Conventional Barrier Spray

Mosquito Spraying
Mosquito Spraying
For conventional mosquito control treatments, Mosquito Tek has a highly potent commercial grade mosquito barrier spray for the worst areas of infestation. Each spray treatment comes with satisfaction guarantees and lasts up to 21 days, so if you’re looking for the most effective treatment available, you should choose the conventional barrier spray treatment plan. This treatment uses Talstar which has been rated as one of the best commercial grade mosquito insecticides on the market.

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

If you are planning any type of special outdoor event, such as a company picnic, a wedding, anniversary celebration, or birthday party, then Mosquito Tek offers one-time mosquito control treatments that will guarantee your event is free from mosquitoes, allowing your guests to enjoy the event without being bitten by pests. Single spray mosquito treatments also come with a money back guarantee, that provide a full refund if your special event is not free from mosquitoes.

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks can not only be a nuisance to your pets and family, but they are also known carriers of diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, typhus and Lyme Disease. Mosquito Tek wants to make sure your family is not only protected from mosquitoes, but also other insects that can make life in your yard miserable. As an upgrade to standard mosquito spray services, Mosquito Tek offers a low cost flea and tick control option that you can add to your mosquito treatment plan. This treatment plan can be done either as an upgrade to your mosquito control plan, or you can just have the tick and flea control done as an individual standalone service at the already low regular rate.

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